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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we visit the baths with a baby?

The services of Király and Rudas Baths can not be used under 14 years. The water of the other baths is not recommended under the age of 14, either. In case parents insist to come with a baby, he/she can enter the pools only if toilet-trained.

How much discount can we be given if we have a Budapest Card?

The Budapest Spas offers free entrance at Lukács Baths for one occasion and 20% discount in Széchenyi, Gellért, Rudas, Lukács, Király, Dagály and Palatinus Beach. Make use of this possibility. Discover the city with Budapest Card!

How can I receive the student discount?

In baths that offer a student ticket, discount is available only upon presenting international student card.

How can I have complex balneological cure?

Foreign citizens with EU security card can use the services upon medical examination made at our Department of Complex Balneological Care. Price of the examination is 15,000 HUF.

Is it obligatory wearing swimming caps?

Wearing a swimming cap is obligatory in the swimming pools of our baths. In the majority of our baths they can be also rented at the rental points.