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2019.04.26 - Let’s get in shape! It is almost swimming pool time!

Let’s get in shape! It is almost swimming pool time!

Although it is true that you can visit swimming pools, saunas and thermal baths in the winter, but beaches are only popular in the summertime. It feels good to be close to the elements: water, wind, sunshine and even the plastic of the sun bed, when you finally don’t have to wear so many layers of clothing. Obviously you need to be conscious, not to be unprepared when the beach season arrives. The outdoor sections of the baths in Budapest will open their gates soon! How should you prepare for chilling by the water?


1) Be careful with sunbathing!

It is very important not to sunbathe for too long for the first few times. Our pigment cells located in our skin need time to develop enough protection against the harming rays of the sun. Our skin needs the life-giving sunshine, but unlimited sunbathing can be very dangerous, this is why we should make our skin get used to sunshine. If you start your beach season in the spring, you should be careful too, since you can get sunburnt even then, that is why you ought to spend maximum 15 minutes with sunbathing, and you had better also take other aspects into consideration, such as your skin type, the time of the day and even the fact that if there is any water near you, the surface of it reflects the sunrays, thus multiplying the intensity of the rays. It is obvious that you should choose the morning or the afternoon hours to sunbathe, not to shock your skin with a high dose of sunrays.


2) Get into shape!

According to several surveys, one of the most important aspects of self-evaluation is our weight. This is not too surprising since whole industries were built on people having this problem and on the solving of this problem. Gyms, weight loss tea growers, hunger soothing hypnotists make a living out of this. Everything can be seen at the swimming pool or the beach, so it isn’t possible to hide the extra kilograms by some clever clothing trick – or at least it is very hard to do, and if someone goes to the beach, they shouldn’t be trying to do this the whole time. It is very good news that the solution is right in front of you, you don’t have to wait for others; and the best part is that you don’t even have to pay for it. You are in an especially good position if you only need to get rid of just a few kilograms that you gained by being lazy in the winter. You can ride your bicycle in the spring to your workplace and back home, which is around one hour of exercise each day, and thus you even save the price of gas or bus tickets. Of course many excuses have just popped into your head right now, such as ‘it is not too safe to ride the bike in such heavy traffic’ and ‘I will sweat and this will make me feel uncomfortable for the whole day’. It is easy to make excuses, but it isn’t that hard to solve these problems, especially if you really want to change and you want to be comfortable at the swimming pool. (By the way, it is now the fasting period according to the traditional calendar.) Of course the key to getting into shape can be swimming itself, since swimming is one of the healthiest kinds of sports. 


3) Skin peel

Our skin doesn’t feel good in the winter, since it is covered with many layers of clothing, thus it can’t breathe and this can lead to skin diseases, especially in those body parts where there are many sweat glands; for example the skin really can’t breathe on the feet. It is neither a pleasant experience, nor a nice gesture towards other bathers to start the beach time with untreated athlete’s foot. These problems need to be treated before going to the beach if we are aware of them, however, it is recommended to visit a doctor even if we don’t have any kind of skin disease, since the doctor can notice problematic birthmarks and we can get rid of them in time, so we don’t have to stare at the people having fun in the water from the poolside with stitches in our backs!