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2019.01.18 - The history of the jacuzzi started with rheumatism

The history of the jacuzzi started with rheumatism

The jacuzzi is the synonym of relaxation, enjoyment and luxury. Few people know where the name comes from. Actually, when was the Jacuzzi invented?


A whirlpool bathtub and massage tub – this is what the jacuzzi is. It can be found in most wellness hotels and spas nowadays. The bubbles mixed with water jets gently massage the tissues and muscles under our skin, improving lymph and blood circulation and soothe our nervous system. Time seems to stop in a pleasantly warm whirlpool tub and one gets rid of stress, getting out of it feeling years younger. It isn’t by accident that more and more people buy their Jacuzzi, because after a tiring day it feels great to relax in the water while water jets massage our body. Thos who can’t afford this luxury or don’t have enough space in their homes to have a jacuzzi installed, or perhaps don’t wish to bother with maintaining one, can enjoy this experience in the wellness sections of spas.


When did massage tubs start to spread and why do we call a whirlpool tub ‘jacuzzi’?

Jacuzzi is the name of the Italian-American family that first started manufacturing massage tubs in the 1950s. Theirs is a good example of how creative and motivated people can turn a negative thing into something positive: they built their first massage tub for a relative, called Kenneth Jacuzzi, who was suffering from rheumatism and the doctor recommended hydromassage to him as therapy. As the Jacuzzi brothers were manufacturing not only propellers for aircraft but also pumps, they decided to manufacture the device for their relative. From the seven brothers it was Roy who saw a business opportunity in the whirlpool tub and he made an improvement on the nozzles from which the water-air mixture flows into the tub. Another important task was to make the tub less noisy and ensure that heating keeps the water warm. In the 1970s the company kept improving the tub, which was of pool size by this time, e.g. a water filter system was added, so that the water would stay transparent and clean, and the jacuzzi managed to stay the market leader thanks to these improvements. This was also the period when the name of the product became synonymous with that of the inventor-manufacturing company, so today the invention of the Jacuzzi family is called a jacuzzi all over the world. The company still exists and they make wellness system for hotels and spas. From the different types of jacuzzi, the most exciting one is definitely the open-air one that can be used in the winter too – in the cold months the happy owners can enjoy a relaxing time in these in the cold months. It is important to know about the jacuzzi that if we don’t the necessary maintenance work regularly, bacteria might appear in the jacuzzi, which users are likely to inhale. Therefore it is best if we have our home whirlpool tubs checked regularly by maintenance experts! As for the massage pools that we use in spas, the company that operates the facility takes care of this, together with the many other preventive health measures.