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2018.12.14 - Surprise your loved ones with a bit of relaxation!

Surprise your loved ones with a bit of relaxation!

Christmas is coming! Let’s admit that for most of us this isn’t really a relaxing period. These days Christmas is more about the obligation to buy gifts, run from one shopping mall to the next, receive guests, cook for them, and then clean up – and not about intimacy, peacefulness and focusing on our inner self. We are wandering around shopping malls, trying to buy gifts that suit our budget and the taste of those who will get them, but it isn’t even sure that the latter will be happy when they open the gift box. What is more, the whole gift chase takes place in a period when it gets dark early, everybody is sneezing and the Christmas music is a little bit too loud in the shops. Everyone is stressed out: Christmas doesn’t celebrate love but stress nowadays.      


What is the solution? How should we do it to make it work? The biggest stress factor in buying someone a gift is that we do it at the last moment. Those who start buying already in the summer don’t need to run from shop to shop on the days before Christmas. We can also skip the stress if we don’t buy gifts at all – but not like Mr Scrooge does it in A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, who hated people and Christmas – but make them ourselves. This way we can save a lot of time and money, plus we don’t cough on others in the shopping mall and don’t get coughed on either. We will give personal gifts to our loved ones and not some mass-produced item. One must have time and creativity to be able to do this – and an agreement that the people who get self-made gifts from us will do the same, so that your nephew isn’t offended by the fact that all he got was a shelf or a box, while the grandparents gave him an Xbox…       

We can also go one step further! It isn’t mandatory to make the gift ourselves, as we can also buy something that isn’t tangible. Nowadays, when we own too many objects and we don’t even know how to get rid of them, the value of experiences is increasing – we don’t have to store these and put them form one shelf to another a thousand times like the teddy bears that we got for last Christmas. What kind of experience can be a gift? A cinema or theatre ticket, a massage, going for a cup of coffee together, or a trip if you are well-off; but having a nice dinner or lunch together can also be a present.

Wellness has become one of the trendiest words and it isn’t by accident that in today’s rat race world what most people want is a bit of relaxation, taking some time off. Many things can qualify as a wellness activity, but most often we think of a hot water bath, the sauna or a massage when we hear it. In the middle of winter it is warmth that we want the most. There is no better feeling than entering the building of a bath on a dark winter afternoon, where the lighting creates an intimate atmosphere and there is steam in the air; you can feel the hot water warming up every part of your body, including the ones that are most exposed to cold during the day. To give someone this experience as a Christmas gift is the perfect choice!             


The spas are also aware of the phenomenon described above. They offer membership cards and passes at reduced prices to those, who decide to surprise their friends and family with a relaxing time. Practically all baths sell gift cards and everyone can find the type that suits their needs and budget the best! 

If you wish to give someone a real experience and a truly refreshing time, also book a room in a hotel for them. A day spent in a wellness hotel in Budapest or some other place in Hungary can be a memorable gift, guaranteeing that those who receive it recharge their batteries.