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2018.09.12 - Five diseases that can be avoided by drinking thermal water

Five diseases that can be avoided by drinking thermal water

When we hear about thermal water we usually think of elderly people who want a cure, and are willing to travel hundreds and hundreds of kilometres to get healed. What about those lucky ones who aren’t ill and feel healthy? Is consuming thermal water useless to them? Could it be unrecommended to them? Can kids drink it too?


The questions above are easy to answer: of course it isn’t only useful for people who are already ill, since prevention is a key part of the battle against health problems. Our lifestyle poses many challenges to us that can lead to health issues even with the most optimal diet, our body gets overused and some maintenance will never hurt us.

There are health problems which occur without symptoms, like the carious tooth that doesn’t hurt at first, sediments, inflammations and absences can appear without us noticing it. We gathered some health risks which can affect everyone, and we show the different kinds of thermal water that can be used for different kinds of prevention. 

1) Lack of minerals

Our body needs countless chemicals to work perfectly. Among these there are those that are needed daily in a greater dose, and there are ones that we need only in little portions but if those are missing it can lead to issues later, too. Most minerals are being consumed with food, but plants don’t have all the needed ones, this is why it is recommended to drink thermal water which comes to the surface from way down below, and has many trace elements in it. The extra intake of minerals is essential at the end of summer, since by sweating we lose a lot of minerals, and without extra intake fatigue, digestive problems and circulatory disorders can appear. Magnesium, calcium and sodium. These are the minerals that are needed to be replaced in this period of the year, so it is recommended to search for such waters which contain these three in a high proportion.


2) Anaemia

In our body blood takes oxygen to every cell and iron is indispensable in creating red blood cells. It is common not to get the needed amount with food which leads to anaemia, which doesn’t have spectacular symptoms, only fatigue, but it isn’t recommended to settle in this condition. We should get iron from thermal waters. By bathing in iron containing waters, iron can be absorbed to some extent but it is much more effective to drink it. Iron is needed in absorbing calcium, so the bone-strengthening element can’t get absorbed without enough iron in our bodies.

3) Immune strengthening

Our immune system is in a constant battle against pathogens coming from outside and bad lesions appearing in the cells. Nowadays our immune system is getting challenged every day, since there are much more stimuli, there can be extraneous proteins in the food coming from far away, there are many bacteria and viruses travelling in global transferring systems, and the pollens from settled foreign plants irritate our defensive system. This can disturb the optimal operation and allergic symptoms and other immune diseases can appear even in a relatively healthy person. Our immune system is so complicated that we haven’t been able to understand every part of how it operates, although scientific studies show that consuming sulphur containing mineral water has a positive effect on the immune system, and the salty steam above thermal waters make the irritation of the mucous of the airways reduce way better than sea air.

4) Joint injuries

There isn’t anyone who doesn’t carry the risk of getting their joints injured, since these parts of our body constantly rubbing against each other, and despite that our body provides a lubricant they get worn out, and if the cartilage doesn’t grow back, the symptoms will show up sooner or later. Consuming Glauber’s salt containing mineral waters helps the cartilage regenerate, thereby it slows down the fraying. The mineral waters with lime in them postpone the formation of osteoporosis.


5) Circulatory problems

It is interesting that in some kinds of tissue the problem is that calcium doesn’t incorporate, while in other ones the problem is that it does. It is even more interesting that in some cases Glauber’s salt helps incorporating the hardening calcium, while it blocks it in other cases. Our circulatory system is a long pipe system which has a flexible wall while one is young that accommodates to the quantity of the flowing blood, assuring that the right amount of blood is flowing to particular organs. With aging sediments can appear which can lead to losing flexibility and even blockage, which can result in death. Arteriosclerosis is a common disease these days and many people point their fingers to cholesterol, but actually its bad incorporation into the vessel wall is what is dangerous. This incorporation can be helped by Glauber’s salt. 

Naturally it can be said that we should only consume high mineral containing water during a certain treatment, not constantly since overdosing can lead to serious health issues too. The details should be coordinated by a doctor since they can calculate with all the necessary details. If we drink mineral water just on a "why not", basis it can’t really have a bad effect on us either – if we drink small portions and consume different types.