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2018.07.26 - Pool Night

Pool Night

When you hear “bathing” you probably think about the sunshine in the summer, but indoor bathing complexes – where you can hop into the water even in the winter and where evening bathing is getting more and more common – are getting increasingly popular.

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Why do we love to take a dip into the hot pool even at night? It’s for sure that more and more swimming pools and spas offer night-time bathing opportunities, and the event called Pool Night includes the Palatinus Bath which offers many extraordinary programmes to their guests.

If going to the swimming pool, one obviously sunbathes too. It seems pretty obvious, although there are many cases in which we would prefer going into the water after the sunset. This can be explained by practical reasons too, since there are a lot of people who have sensitive skin and can get easily sunburnt; moreover, we can talk about sun allergy too in a few cases. This includes serious inflammatory symptoms and even rashes can appear on the skin. Another practical reason is when someone works during the day but doesn’t want to be left out from this summer bathing feeling or it just feels good to swim a bit after working hard all day. The swimming pool and the spa are not only an individual recreational opportunity, but also an ideal place to be with your friends – we have already known this thanks to the people living in the Ancient Rome. And what is the best time to meet with friends if not after work? How convenient it is when sometimes there is time for more than just a quick dip, and you can have a long discussion about the important things in life by the poolside, and you don’t have to worry about running to somewhere else because the place is closing soon.

Besides the practical things we can’t forget about the subjective aspects either. Bathing is an experience and in this matter the subjective aspects may play a much more important role than practical ones. It feels good to sink into the cooling water in the blinding sunshine, but if you do this at a still warm summer night then you can experience something mystical, in the sense that you can connect with yourself at a deeper level than during the day. The day is the time for doing things and being active (even if it may be interrupted by the summer siesta), while the night is the time for real and deep relaxation in which the faded lights – the sophisticated balance  between light and dark – are of great help.

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Pool Night

Whatever is so good in night-time bathing, one thing is for sure: an increasing number of swimming pools and spas provide such opportunities during the year, and maybe this is the reason why it has become a tradition to organize the programme series called Pool Night. This year we can enter swimming pools and spas at night for much less and we can enjoy much longer opening hours. From year to year more and more places join. Pool Night is a real attraction to tourists from abroad too. Some spas and swimming pools organise a party featuring DJs or a famous singer, there are baths where there are fireworks, others organise live music concerts, offer special massages, light painting and laser show spectacles, and open cocktail bars; and there are swimming pools and spas where lower entry fees and the special night mood are supposed to bring in many guests. The lucky ones who live close to more baths can even choose whether they want a chill-out night in the pool or a crazy pool party. From the ones in Budapest, Palatinus is waiting for guest with programmes for children and extreme sport shows: break dancing, freestyle basketball, a Flatland BMX show, interactive slacklining, workshops and presentations, and an AirTrack show. In addition to these programmes the Capital Circus of Budapest will bring spectacular acrobat shows. 

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