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2018.06.22 - Five smart tips for choosing the right swimming costume

Five smart tips for choosing the right swimming costume

Summer has arrived! Men care much less about what to wear on the beach, but for women one of the biggest problems is choosing the perfect swimsuit. This isn’t surprising at all, as when one wears a swimsuit everyone can see the parts of their body that were hidden in the winter and spring periods. Not only the style of the swimsuit matters, but also how it functions and the fact that the person that wears it should remain healthy. 

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1) Decide where and what you want to use it for!

Bikini, trikini, one-piece, tankini, tanga… There are a thousand different styles and it may seem impossible to make a decision, because the one-piece isn’t good for sunbathing, the bikini isn’t ideal for swimming, and if you just want to walk around on the beach or at the swimming pool, you don’t want to show every little part of you body. There are compromises, though: beach skirt, beach wrap – you can put these on when you go and have a hot-dog and take them off before plunging into the water again. At the same time retro-style knitted swimsuit is in fashion these days, but it is impossible to go in the water wearing those. Perhaps this piece of advice is a bit harsh but if you have the budget, it is best to buy different models for the different situations. One should take this thing seriously even if it seems to be just women’s whim, because being on the beach actually causes great stress to many women.    

2) Get to know yourself!

Where do most problems start? Not knowing yourself well enough. If you aren’t able to put your self-estimation right and accept your own body, at least try not to make the situation worse! If you don’t want people whispering behind your back, it is best to be realistic and to choose a swimsuit that suits your figure the best. It is exactly the fact that there are so many styles available that guarantees: you will find a swimsuit that looks good on you. Yes, it is true that it is easy for young and fit people with a perfect body, but wearing a well-chosen trikini or one-piece can make even those feel good who don’t belong to the young and fit category any more. The general rule is that you should always be moderate in your choices – which is easier to do nowadays when moderation is trendy. No bows, no frills, no ribbons, and only wear a tanga if you have just had a nasty break-up and want to find a new boyfriend!


3) Know what fabric it is made of!

It is time for more practical pieces of advice. The best swimsuit fabric is polyester. It absorbs little water, it is durable and heat-resistant. Polyamide is also used to make swimsuits, but these models are less heat-resistant and easily lose the original colour. Sometimes elastane can also be found among the fabric’s components because it is flexible, but elastane is also sensitive to heat. If you opt for swimwear that is decorative but made from sensitive fabric, don’t go to the sauna, don’t stay in the sun for too long and don’t take a ride on the water slide! When you are bathing in water that is salty or contains lots of chlorine, wash your swimming costume instantly after use! You can also say that you don’t want to pay attention to so many things about your swimsuit, then buy a model that is made from durable material or be prepared that it will only last one season!          

4) Check where it was made!

This is important because there are fabric dyes, called azo dyes which have negative health effects, for instance they can cause cancer, therefore they are banned in the European Union, but sometimes they can be found among the components of swimsuits made in Africa or Asia. Check whether the swimsuit you have chosen comes from a reliable source. Of course you can’t take a mobile laboratory with you every time you buy swimwear, but consulting the shop assistant or doing a bit of research on the internet can reveal something useful.

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5) Use it smartly!

Health above all! It isn’t the swimsuit’s fault if you get ill because of improper use. One of the basic swimwear requirements is not to absorb too much water and to dry easily. Even if you have the kind of swimsuit that dries rapidly, it isn’t the best idea to wear wet clothing because the hot and humid climate below the swimming costume is the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi. It is best if you change clothes instantly having taken a bath, putting on dry swimwear or beach clothes. Make sure that you rinse the swimsuit in water instantly, not only because of the chlorine or the salt that damage the fabric, but also in order to remove bacteria or fungi.