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2017.08.09 - Skin protection tips before and after going to the swimming pool

Skin care tips before and after going to the swimming pool

Going to the beach or the swimming pool are synonyms of having a good time. Still, we mustn’t forget that this kind of enjoyment entails hard work from the skin. The rays of the sun and water create a burden for the outer layer of the human body, just when we want to be attractive to others. Because of this we must take good care of our skin both before and after going to the swimming pool.    


What is the biggest threat to our skin when enjoying the sun in the summer? First and foremost it is sunshine, which can have bigger negative effects than one would think. Prevention is better than cure, so let’s make sure that our skin is protected from the harmful rays of the sun. If we regularly put on the right amount of sun protection cream, we can enjoy staying in the sun without any danger – although not all day. Around noon it isn’t recommended to stay out in the sun. When one’s skin gets burnt, it ages faster and can develop pigment spots that won’t ever go away.


Sunshine can’t only burn our skin but it can also dehydrate it. The human body loses more water when the temperature is high, so one must make sure to drink enough when the weather is hot. Drinking as much as three litres of water can’t be too much in the summer period. It is better to drink a little often than to drink a lot but rarely, because our body is unable to store the water for a long time: the surplus water leaves the body via the kidneys and the skin. It isn’t only sunshine that can make the skin go dry, but also the water in the swimming pool and the salty water in the sea. Let’s do something against dehydration! In most sun protection creams there is a moisturising component, but after sunbathing it is absolutely necessary to use some kind of cream that hydrates the skin – something natural and not artificial if possible! The best after-tanning lotion is the one that replenishes minerals that leave the body with sweating and soothe the skin if it is irritated.     Kiszáradás ellen ivás

Makeup and scent

At the swimming pool it is important to be attractive to others, but it is even more important to stay healthy. Sunshine can modify certain makeup and deodorant components and cause allergic symptoms, so it is best to avoid sunbathing when wearing a makeup or we have used a deodorant. If we don’t want to smell bad because of the sweating, we should use creams that contain volatile oils. The majority of these, for instance lavender and eucalyptus, aren’t sensitive to sunshine, but we must be cautious with various types of citrus! It is needless to say that taking a shower more often can also be a solution; it is also important because one is sweating more when the temperature is high, so the pores of the skin get bigger and bacteria can find their way in more easily, resulting in acne.       

Hair removal

Most women and even some men epilate their bodies before going to the swimming pool. Unfortunately, hair removal causes microscopic damages to the skin and these scars can easily develop inflammation, resulting in spots on the freshly epilated skin – which don’t look good at all. This happens partly due to the appearance of bacteria and in part because of strong sunshine. The solution to this problem is to epilate at least one day before going to the swimming pool, and the same is true for any other skin treatment done by a beautician or getting a tattoo.     Szőrtelenítés


Although many nutrients are absorbed directly through the skin, but creams alone aren’t capable of giving the skin every molecule it needs. It is very important for the skin to have the necessary amount of collagen, which ensures its flexibility. It is also key to have enough omega-3 fatty acid, and various antioxidant vitamins that neutralise harmful free radicals. These free radicals appear in the skin because of an improper diet and the oxidation effect of sunshine.     

If we would like to provide our skin with all of these useful materials, we need to eat lots of fish, vegetable and fruit and less carbohydrate, sugar and red meat – our skin will be nice and healthy if we follow a diet that includes these.