Complex balneological care

Complex balneological cure can be obtained in the following thermal baths: St. Gellért, Széchenyi and St. Lukács Baths. To use services supported by social security, an appointment and place reservation is required from a professional rheumatology consultant competent in the area of the patient's residence.

Complex balneological treatment without presciption at Széchenyi, St. Gellért and St. Lukács baths: 20,000 HUF per day.
Registration at least 6 weeks prior to appointment.

Duration of treatment for foreign citizens: min. 15 days (4 hours a day)

Baths providing complex thermal balneological cure:

Széchenyi Thermal BathHead of department: dr. Szentiványi Csilla
Telephone: (36 1) 363-8090, (36 1) 363-8880
St. Gellért Thermal Bath  Head Physician: dr. Andrea Ürögi
Telephone: (36 1) 279-0445
St. Lukács Thermal BathTelephone: (36 1) 438-4712

Our bath physicians are glad to be at your disposal. Please feel free to contact us to select the appropriate healing treatment.