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Cashless payment


Festipay card is accepted in all of our baths with the exception of Király Thermal Bath.

Cashless payment

We would like to inform our guests that we also accept the so called Festipay cards uploaded at the cashier desks for any products purchased at the area of the bath. The card works with a touchless technology, it is waterproof and you can fix it to your proxy watch or hang it around your neck during bathing.

How does the system work?


Upon arrival our cashier uploads an amount of money you choose, from which 300 HUF is used as a deposit. This amount of money can not be used for shopping, but if you give back the card without damage you will get back this amount. The amount of money uploaded to the card, can be paid by cash or by credit card. In case of a new card the minimum amount is 2.000 HUF, the maximum is 60.000 HUF. While in case the card was used before, the minimum amount is 100 HUF.

Please keep the receipt you get when you upload the card. The card can be used without registration, but with the PIN number written on the receipt you can make the purchase safer. The card can be registered via text message or via the application, which can be downloaded for free. For the registration via text message you should send the following information to the phone number +36 40 344 4410: REG (For example: REG 123456789012 1234 4321).


In the bath you can pay by this card or by credit card, so during bathing you do not have to worry about the safety of your purse. If the amount of money uploaded to the card is not enough, you can upload additional amount at the cashier desks, at the sale point or via the Festipay application. The uploads done via the application must be activated at the sale point or at the bar.


The amount of money remained on the card is paid back according to the the five-forint rounding rules at the cashier desks when you leave the bath.

In case you are a regular guest, the amount of money remained on the card can be used during your next visit(s) because the card is valid until 30 April, 2018.

Further information:

In case you registered the card, it can be also blocked via text message or via the Festipay application. For blocking the card via text message please send the following information to the phone number +36 30 344 4410: TILT (For example: TILT 123456789012 4321).
Our bath does not take responsibility for the damages due to loss or  damage of the card, usage by unauthorized person or the omission of the registration.