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Budapest Spas Cosmetics


We are proud to present you the Budapest Spas Cosmetics.

Budapest Spas Cosmetics

The high purity ingredients and active agents were selected carefully to protect the skin, taking into consideration the recommendations for natural cosmetics.

Thermal Shower Gel
Supporting the effects the micro and trace elements of the qualifed thermal water of Gellért Thermal Baths, panthenol, the hydrolysis of almond oil, the extracts of purple coneflower, medical sage and rosemary help to regenerate the skin. The aloe juice and the extract of flax seed contributes to the development of a more hydrated skin condition.

Thermal Massage Cream
The massage cream is recommended for locomotor complaints containing extracts of purple coneflower, medical sage, curcuma and rosemary supporting the effects of the micro and trace elements of the qualifed thermal water of Széchenyi Thermal Bath. Nourishing almond milk, panthenol, grape and pumpkin seed oils, E and B3 vitamins regenerate the skin.
Use: Apply the cream in a moderately thick layer. During the 30-40 minute massage add more cream contains also qualified thermal water, nourishing vegetable oils and herbal extracts.

Thermal Shampoo
The Thermal Shampoo is made from the thermal water of Rudas Thermal Bath in Budapest. The skin-friendly components of the shampoo developed as part of our natural beauty product family effectively clean even the sensitive hair scalp. The panthenol, birch leaves, purple coneflower and sage extracts supporting the effects of micro and trace elements in thermal water help the hair regeneration. Jojoba oil makes the hair more silky.

Handmade soaps
Hungarian handcrafted soaps made from the water of the Budapest thermal baths, suitable for all skin types.
The handmade soap made from the water of the Széchenyi Thermal Bath contains lemon balm oil that makes the skin refresh and renew.
The handmade soap made from the water of St. Gellért Thermal Bath and avocado oil provides the necessary vitamin care for the skin.
Thanks to the soap made from the water of Juventus spring of Rudas Thermal Bath and macadam nut oil, the skin becomes extremely clean and velvety.

The products are suitable for any type of skin and hair.
They are available at our Baths.